Our Best Project, Your Imagination.

Mexican School of Confectionery and Chocolate is a company dedicated to the development and innovation of products for the chocolate and confectionery industry. Our company offers courses, training and consultancy relating to this sweet industry.

We are also a Research Center of Innovation, Development and testing of functional ingredients in confectionery and chocolate.

As part of our technological packages we’ve created a “fruit gum” enriched with iron, folic acid and vitamin C, as well as the first sugar free chocolate with coenzyme Q10.




Chocolate and Confectionery Courses

Customized or online courses for the industry of confectionery and chocolate, small business or general public who wish to develop these products.

Improve your processes and develop new products with the advice and training provided in your own plant or our facilities. Learn about current manufacturing processes and trends in the market of confectionery, chocolate and food.


Advice for assembling factories and production lines. Time optimization and low cost when launching your business Regulations in chocolate and confectionery courses. Learn about rules and procedures in the development and marketing of chocolate, confectionery and food, in addition to knowing how to prolong shelf life of your products. Nutritional tables. Sensory training in confectionery, chocolate and wine pairings. Sale of confectionery and gourmet chocolate. .

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